Steven Trumon Gray: Les Loups De La Lune

Photo courtesy of Steven Trumon Gray

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Steven Trumon Gray (My Fair Lady, Paramour) (he/him/his) moved to NYC to dance with his dream company, Company XIV. As he was getting ready for his first show with them, Hurricane Sandy hit and flooded the performance space. Shortly after, his mom told him that she wanted to see what he saw in NYC since she was not able to visit. And so, Steven’s mom bought him a Canon Rebel camera and he started to get into manifestation with the purchase of a manifestation box. He wanted to make $1600 a week, so he wrote himself a check for that amount and shortly after he was hired for a modeling job for $800 a day for two days. That work was bought out for $10k with which he bought lighting equipment, a new camera, and became an assistant for a photographer in Chelsea. It was there he met his partner, Chad (he/him/his), by photographing him.

Chad and Steven moved in together and created a studio from inside their apartment, where they started doing more headshot photography. They continued that photography business, under the name of “THEGINGERB3ARDMEN” while Steven did work with Company XIV on and off, and eventually booked Cirque du Soleil’s Paramour and My Fair Lady on Broadway. Chad would take over the photography business to keep growing THEGINGERB3ARDMEN.

While in Paramour, Steven and Chad met their Reiki master in a coffee shop in Clinton Hill and slowly became proficient in the practice. The three of them began making candles every new moon and full moon, and while in My Fair Lady, he started making more and more candles for gifts to cast members.

When COVID hit, Steven and Chad went from photographing 7 to 10 clients a week to all of a sudden nothing. They moved from Long Island City to a 1700 square foot space in Beacon, NY and created a studio in their apartment. Steven had the calling to be a healer, and figured he could achieve that through selling Reiki-charged candles and crystals. And so, Les Loups De La Lune (“the wolves of the moon”) was born. The name came from Steven and Chad seeing “11:11” everywhere; 11:11 to ll.ll to Les Loups De La Lune.

The business specializes in high quality materials, from custom Reiki-charged crystals to long-burning candles to candles with crystals in them to apparel. All of the candles and crystals are Reiki charged custom with the recipient in mind. “We are always thinking about the human it will go to and custom curating the purchase to them” Steven explained. They also have Witch, Please apparel, which has been extremely popular and even sported by an original Broadway witch herself, Kristen Chenoweth (Glinda in Wicked).

What else has been on Steven’s mind the past several months? “Time is a precious commodity. That needs to come across between the lack of physical and emotional experiences we are having. Divisiveness won’t prevail. From all the hate I see on social media from people’s opinions and the fighting and attacking… the thing I think is most important is to figure out a way to support people. Pretend everyone right now is wounded and help heal each other by being amicable. Not over empathizing but know that if you support people with your full heart and full being, they won’t take that for granted and they will work harder to make you proud or show up for you.”

“If you aren’t a lead in a performance, you often don’t see a lot of support for your work. You’ll do a three hour show and walk out of the stage door and be asked were you in the cast. Because time is important and sensitive and you don’t have much time on this earth to make yourself proud, we should all make each other proud by being kind to each other and supporting each other when we have the means to do so.”

“And allow yourself to be seen and share your art. Don’t be fearful of being seen as cocky or conceited if you post it on social media. That to me is really important. Time is important and should be cherished and if you are creating any art, be thankful for it and thank each other for it” ·

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