Our Mission

This blog serves as a way for us to continue to fulfill our mission of elevating voices.

Broadway Boxed Up is the first and longest-running Broadway-themed subscription box, bringing theatre a little closer to home each month. We design our own products and work with other small businesses to curate Broadway into a box, including merchandise you can’t find anywhere else, items straight from the theaters such as props and programs, virtual events such as interviews and talkbacks with actors and theatre professionals, and articles about the industry and its professionals. 

We work to elevate voices in the theatre community through virtual events, articles, and features on different topics from theatre-related movements to elevating voices of BIPOC, Deaf, and other industry professionals to featuring what new ventures theatre professionals are working on. 

We are always striving to make our boxes as environmentally sustainable as possible, and we make donations to the organizations we feature as well as to other organizations that support the theatre community. 

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